Triumph TR6

It all began with the purchase of this 1973 TR6 and disassembly began shortly thereafter. This car had not run since 1988, it was parked after someone did some engine work that failed miserably. Someone installed a 1969 model year engine, docked the b lock to raise the compression ratio (did it properly and re-cut the fire rings back into the block) and then brazed some pseudo thrust washer material onto the upper thrust washer land on the crank bearing block. The lower thrust washer I found – barely even worn – laying in the bottom of the oil pan – it looks brand new as you can see in the photos. The starter chewed up the ring gear in the classic way due to the thrust washer falling out and the crank and flywheel moving aft – typical TR6 failure. Someone overhauled this engine on the cheap, put it back in, obviously had starting problems because of the failed thrust washer and parked it. I bought it for $2000. 


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