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I do not know why I started this site. I recall the first pages went up when I was restoring 686, my second Schweizer 1-26 and my first sailplane restoration. 525 came later after Dave Piotrowski bought it and continued to upgrade that glider with all sorts of impressive enhancements and clever additions.

Then the Nimbus 3 came along and I documented the refinishing of that glider on these pages, followed by a complete overhaul of a wrecked 1-26, serial number 038. After 30 years of soaring (since I was 16), I quite flying gliders, it was just getting too risky for me – having never had any kind of incident, I figured it was just a matter of time before I made some minor error that killed me.

Boats have always been a big part of our life and after selling the gliders, we bought a Ranger 20, a Wayfarer and finally the Monk. After building a PaperJet 14 and rebuilding the Monk, I sold the Monk to a couple in Nanaimo, B.C..

My wife Renee and I have two cats and a Newfie mixed with Golden Retriever named Zeke.

After selling the Citroen, the gliders and the boat, I bought three 1971/72 Honda SL 350’s and restored them, learned to ride a motorcycle and got my endorsement in August 2013. After selling those bikes to collectors in the midwest and Utah, I acquired another dream – a 1995 Lotus Esprit S4 in British Racing Green.

Learning to drive the Lotus on the track at Pacific Raceways and Bremerton, I decided I needed a formula car and bought a Formula Vee from Dave Schrady in Monterey, CA. I drove the Zekemobile down to Dave’s and picked up my latest project.

Next project was the 1973 TR6 – complete frame-off overhaul resulting in a spiffy little roadster that’s fun to drive.

In July, 2015, I sold the Zekemobile and bought the Acme of Foolishness that I drove 2880 miles from Lancaster, PA home to Bonney Lake. Ran great, got 6.27 mpg and is now the ultimate race track support vehicle with no less than four air conditioners and nine heaters. It’s a 42,000 lb. all-steel beast that cost $272,000 new in 1982. I bought is for $16,000.

In 2016 I built a new Formula Vee from bare lengths of steel tubing, fabricated a new carbon fiber and Kevlar body for it and won the Conference championship that year.

Now I’m building a Wittman Model W (aka Buttercup) two seat airplane. It has a 4130 steel tube fuselage and fabric covering. The wing is all spruce with a retractable droop leading edge that I plan to fabricate from carbon fiber.

In my spare time I work for the FAA as the Principal Maintenance Inspector for the Alaska Airlines Certificate Management Office in Seatac, WA.



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  1. We have communicated before. Your new FV race car is most impressive! You have a lot of talent for design and fabrication which is something I enjoy too. After two years of making the move from So. California. We are finally settling in in our new home in Grants Pass Oregon so I will be able to resume racing my FV and FST cars in 2018. I just got my SCCA competition license renewed for 2018 and I am now looking at getting my ICSCC competition license as well. The plan s FST in SCCA and FV in ICSCC.

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